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DEI+W as vital as air...

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From tackling decisions to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on your DEI+W path.

A Few Reviews

"Avina's ability to name, explain and center DEI-W practices within interpersonal violence prevention was incredibly valuable. To have somene who has higher education prevention experience - done the work and walked the walk - allowed us to have conversations and move forward with a greater sense of understanding, trust and ease. The homework was really helpful - it allowed us to examine our beliefs, strengths, challenges both individually and as a team in a way we've never done before. Avina sets you up for success but the process ultimately requires you to do the work." Alexandra Donovan, Tufts University

"I appreciated the flexibility -- if there was someone I or we wanted to focus on, or something got raised we weren't initially planning to talk about, Avina took time to discuss and would follow up with related resources if applicable. I also appreciated that Avina had done similar work so could provide very specific recommendations and give specific examples of things that had worked well or that we might try."

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