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DEI+W is as vital as air

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Avina I. Ross, PhD, MS

AIR Consulting, Principle, Visionary

By elevating principles and practices of diversity, equity, inclusion, and wellbeing (DEI+W), Dr. Ross supports all types of organizations and leadership teams.  She helps clients uncover and implement more meaningful and culturally relevant practices to better support their communities and staff.

Dr. Ross fosters the deep, authentic, and DEI+W centered experiences to improve services for people with marginalized experiences and identities, including clients, employees, and leadership teams.

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 DEI+W Framework

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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion and Wellbeing

Gender ambiguous people in shown in rainbow colors


Each of us have a combination of similar and different experiences, identities, capacities and beliefs.  Diversity involves the existence of said differences within a space, group, and culture.

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